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Has anyone watched the series, Dark, on Netflix? It is a German production, apparently the first original—in German specifically or in general any—foreign language property created for the streaming service. While its premise involving missing children in a small town is quite interesting in design, taking the time travel trope to an extreme, it is… Continue reading Dark

Fiction, Rest Area

Rest Area (excerpt)

1. Jillian Wagner could not remember a time when she had been angrier than she was at this very moment. And such anger was dangerous at a time like this, as it took focus away from the things that were of immediate importance. Such anger was all-consuming, your mind raging like a monstrous storm, and… Continue reading Rest Area (excerpt)

Fiction, The Ghost Writers

The Ghost Writers (excerpt)

17 October, ‘78 Dear Q, I received yesterday by post the promised manuscript and dove headfirst into your delightful prose. Within a brief two hours’ time I had finished your novella and placed the last page upside down on the glorious pages that came before. I am not sure if I have ever been both… Continue reading The Ghost Writers (excerpt)