The Visitors from Above

I was working as a reporter for a small newspaper in the New England area—the Arkham Press it was called— when word came of the strange visitors. They were said to have walked right out of the water as if they had dwelled there and suddenly decided to go for a stroll. The island was… Continue reading The Visitors from Above


The Ghost Writers (excerpt)

Chapter 1 A Quasquicentennial Celebration and a Promise of Adventure 1. I had been a fan of the writings of Victor Peter Hobbs from the first moment I had seen one of the author’s pocket paperback books unceremoniously displayed on a nickel rack down at Darlene’s Used Books in the Village square. The lurid cover… Continue reading The Ghost Writers (excerpt)

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The House Next Door

Darcy Coates was an author with whom I was not familiar, but she seemed to have quite the fan base on Amazon. Her bibliography (and biography) indicates that her passion is haunted house stories. Many of her novels have titles in variants of “The Haunting of (fill-in-the blank),” which might seem discouragingly generic or derivative,… Continue reading The House Next Door

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Correspondence as a Method of Storytelling

I have been toying recently with a story idea told in the epistolary style—that is, told through correspondence between characters, as well as through a variety of news articles and journal entries. This genre of storytelling traces back as far as the 15th century. However, it is likely most familiar to contemporary readers by way… Continue reading Correspondence as a Method of Storytelling

A Quiet Place, Fiction, Film, Horror, Tim Lebbon

The Silence and A Quiet Place

With the first trailer, I was intrigued by what the film, A Quiet Place, could be. It suggested a film with little dialogue and one very sparing in its sound design. After all, it dealt with strange creatures that hunted purely by sound. I wasn’t able to catch the film during its theatrical run, but… Continue reading The Silence and A Quiet Place